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How Hal Can Help You As A Writer

Invaluable Guidance for Authors

As your personal writing coach, Hal offers a wide range of services:

  • Hal will read your manuscript and give sensitive, supportive, creative, and highly professional feedback that will:
    • Identify your strongest points
    • Suggest ways to sharpen your concepts (if non-fiction)
    • Suggest ways to strengthen character and story (if fiction)
    • Discuss appropriateness of writing style for your readership
    • Discuss the potential size of the readership you are writing for or that you are likely to reach
    • Discuss the importance of focus in your book and how to sharpen your present focus to reach the readers you want
    • What's your next step should be as you move toward final manuscript and publication.
  • Help you develop a strong selling proposal--the main way that non-fiction works are presently sold to publishers--in order to get you a publisher's advance (money up front) to finish your book.
  • Consult with you about finding and working with a literary agent.
  • Coach you through any and all of the above processes and keep you moving forward with your writing project.
  • Discuss publishers, contracts, and advise you on the five key publishing routes available to today's authors:
    • Mainstream (mostly New York) publishing houses
    • Highly respected independent publishers
    • Self-publishing and independent book distribution
    • Print on Demand (POD) publishing
    • E-books (electronic books)
  • Finally, Hal is gifted at fine-tuning any manuscript for publication, and his services here are sought out by both authors and publishers.

Hal's praises are sung on the Acknowledgements pages of more 200 successful books whose authors he has helped.


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